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Jennifer Hanway is a Holistic Nutritionist, Bio Signature Modulation Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer, originally from London but now living in Newton Centre and working in Back Bay, Boston.

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Mental Health Matters with New Chapter's Mood Support Probiotics

This post is written in partnership with New Chapter, however all opinions are my own. I only work with and recommend companies whose products I love, and I’m so excited to share these with you!


As a holistic gut health expert I am fascinated and thrilled to see how the benefits of taking a probiotic has become part of our daily health routine. When I first started recommending probiotics to clients eight years ago they were difficult to find, and the formulations nowhere near as effective as they are now.

When New Chapter reached out to me to try their new line of probiotics I of course jumped at the chance! I have been taking their Probiotic All-Flora once daily for over a year now, and have been loving the positive changes in my digestive health (I’ve experienced a marked decrease in bloating, cramps and constipation), so I couldn't wait to try their new targeted range: Mood Support, Weight Management and Women’s Daily.


I encourage my gut health clients to think of probiotics in the same way we think of vitamins and minerals - most of us are aware of how eating a diverse range of foods and taking smart supplements provides us with the range of vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health, and how increasing our intake of certain foods and supplements can provide us with the vitamins and minerals we need to help us deal with health problems or reach our wellness goals.

 It is important for us to understand that we have a wide diversity of species throughout our GI tract and mucus membranes (our colon alone houses over five hundred different species), each of them needing different strains and strengths of probiotics to thrive.

New Chapter’s new line of probiotics are a welcome solution to help us care for our diverse microbiome. All of New Chapter’s probiotic formulas are considered a 2-in-1 as they contain live probiotics as well as prebiotics (prebiotics are the food source that nourishes our gut flora). Each product contains DNA-tested probiotic strains clinically studied for their benefits and delivering in the CFU (colony forming units) amounts appropriate to that type of bacteria.


New Chapter Mood Support Probiotic could not have come at a better time - at present I am juggling running my business, taking college classes in Advanced Nutritional Therapy, and writing my book on Stress and Sleep! Whilst I love all of these things and relish the challenge, my stress levels are higher than usual, and I have been experiencing some anxiety that is out of the norm for me. Incorporating the Mood Support Probiotic has helped me to manage and support my stress levels, and the periods of anxiety are both shorter and less frequent.

With May being National Mental Health Awareness Month I’ve been talking a lot about the link between great gut health and great mental health, as an estimated 90% of serotonin, one of the neurotransmitters that helps us feel relaxed and happy is made in the gut. Poor gut health can also contribute to higher levels of cortisol, our stress hormone, so prioritizing a healthy gut is key to relieving stress and anxiety. New Chapter’s Mood Support Probiotic with its mood enhancing* strains of probiotics and prebiotics, combined with their proprietary targeted herbal blend of passionflower and lavender is now a key part of both my gut health and mental health routine, and I highly recommend it becomes part of yours too.

And some other simple ways to help boost your mental health this month? Ensure you get outside at least once a day, try journaling or keeping a gratitude log (I write out five things I am grateful for every morning before starting my work way), include some gentle exercise, stretching, or yoga, and take time out to enjoy some of life’s small pleasures, such as taking yourself out on a date, or buying yourself some flowers!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Top Five: Healthy Coffee Substitutes

Its no secret that I love my coffee! But after struggling with lowered thyroid function and endocrine system disruption (i.e. tired, stressed, hair loss, irregular periods) for over 6 months I knew that my protocol had to include taking a break from coffee, then slowly re-introducing it and limiting it to just one (delicious) cup a day.


When working with my clients ones of my fail safe strategies to break an unhealthy habit is to find it a replacement - quite often a big part of the addiction is tied to habit or routine, and I knew that one of the reasons I loved my morning coffee was that is was part of my ritual of starting the day in a positive way and having some ‘me-time’.

Replacing coffee with a healthier alternative was my goal, and below I share my top five options for when you need something a little calmer than coffee!

With caffeine:

Zen Matcha Tea: for years I has eschewed the matcha latte craze, finding it just too bitter and earthy for my liking. However after trying various different brands of matcha I have found I love the delicate taste of Zen Matcha Tea, blended with warm almond milk and a touch of stevia. If I am in a rush in the mornings and need my matcha to sustain me until I get a chance to eat I use my Perfectly Balanced Matcha Latte recipe from my 28 Day Guided Gut Healing Program.

You can save 20% on Zen Matcha Tea with my code: ‘welcomejh20’ at checkout!

MUD\WTR: this blend of masala chai, cacao, adaptogens and herbs was actually recommended to me by a client, and its not just delicious but I always feel amazing afterwards to. Its probably the closest ‘feeling’ to a cup of coffee, and I like mine with warm nut milk for a gentle mid morning or mid afternoon boost.


Without caffeine:

Maca Latte: a good Maca Latte can be a wonderful replacement for coffee as Maca helps give a steady boost of energy without raising our cortisol levels. My favourite is New Chapter’s Maca Fermented Booster Powder as I think it tastes less bitter than other Maca powders I’ve tried, and the fermentation progress increases the availability of the nutrients and makes it easier to digest. I blend mine with almond milk, a little ginger (fresh or grated), cinnamon, vanilla essence and a touch of organic stevia or honey.

Dandy Blend: I remember selling Dandy Blend whilst working in a health store whilst I was in college, and it was one of the first caffeine free coffee alternatives. Made from a blend of roasted dandelion, chicory, beets, rye and barley I like this blended with hot water with a splash of almond milk. Its not bitter at all so I drink it without sweetener. Whilst it is gluten free it does contain grains, so may not be suitable for those who are sensitive to grains or following a low FODMAP/AIP diet.

Rooibos Chai: whilst you can take the girl out of England, you can’t take the English out of the girl! Granted, this is a caffeine and dairy free to the English ‘cuppa’, but it is as close as I’ve come to the real thing. A cup of Rooibos Chai with a splash of almond milk is my afternoon go-to, and I will also quite often have a cup after my evening meal to help with digestion and to keep sweet cravings at bay. My absolute favourite is from Numi Tea.