Jennifer Hanway

Enliven Your Lightest, Brightest You

Jennifer Hanway is a Holistic Nutritionist, Bio Signature Modulation Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer, originally from London but now living in Newton Centre and working in Back Bay, Boston.


Private Coaching

My private coaching programs are designed to uncover your health concerns on a cellular level—then address them through custom nutrition, fitness and overall wellbeing initiatives.

The Deep Dive

The private coaching program begins with a deep dive: Together, we’ll explore your current health, medical history, lab work, diet and fitness regime. And, because health is holistic, we’ll also explore your gut health, stress levels and sleep patterns.

The Bespoke Plan

At the heart of the private coaching program is the bespoke health plan I will devise for you. This includes a blood work analysis, detailed nutrition plan, supplement suggestions, workout programs, stress management tools and a sleep regime. This wholly individualized program addresses the results of your blood work, your hormonal profile, your lifestyle and your personal goals. This is where your life-changing habits—and results—begin!

The Follow Through

Each of my private coaching programs is rooted in accountability. To empower you to stay on track, I'll be emailing you every Monday to review in detail your progress, the challenges you’ve encountered and any course corrections we need to implement. We will schedule face to face, Skype or Phone Coaching Sessions 2-4 times a month for a deeper review of your progress. 

Even more than “check-ins,” these meetings will encourage and inspire you to show up in your own life! 

You will have access to me via phone or email for questions, advice and support throughout your private coaching program.

Private Coaching is available in  1, 3 and 6 Session Packages. For new clients a 6 Session Package is advised for best results.  

Price upon application. For more information, or to book your complimentary consultation please email


5 words: Jenny has changed my life!
— Samar, Boston