Jennifer Hanway

Enliven Your Lightest, Brightest You

Jennifer Hanway is a Holistic Nutritionist, Bio Signature Modulation Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer, originally from London but now living in Newton Centre and working in Back Bay, Boston.



Jenny's individualized plans transform lives. Here is what her clients are saying:


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LEah, One to One Nutrition, Fitness and wellbeing

Throughout my entire life, I tried  every single diet in the book. The first time I met Jenny was the summer in between my freshman and sophomore year of college. I was actually on weight watchers when I met her. I was truly desperate to shed some weight and after trying almost everything I felt hopeless. My relationship with food and exercise has always been complicated; I would abide strictly to the rules of whichever diet I was doing at the time, lose weight, go on a binge once I started feeling good, and then gain everything I'd lost back - it was a very vicious cycle.

Jenny was the first person to help me find peace with food and and strike a balance with exercise. Everything she told me clicked and put me at ease - a feeling i'd never felt before when it came to food and exercise. I started reading the labels of my food and knowing exactly what I was putting into my body; I began eating everything in its most natural form and learning more about my own body.  As I grew more passionate about health and nutrition Jenny taught me that its those processed foods that hurt us the most (you know, those processed/lower calories snacks). I could not work out why I had not received this advice from any other dietitian or health coach we'd spoken to over the years.

Even after I was off to college I tried my absolute best to stick to the rules of life Jenny taught me that summer. For the first time ever I viewed eating healthy and nourishing foods as a lifestyle choice, not a diet. I realized that if I ate clean, I didn't have to kill myself at the gym and sulk about that cookie I was feeling guilty about eating two days ago. For the first time in my life, I can go into a restaurant and make a healthy empowering decision without feeling deprived. Recently, I started working with Jenny again and I feel better than I ever have. She has inspired me to pursue a possible career in holistic nutrition; she helped me discover my true passion in life, which is spreading awareness about clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle 

Jenna,One to One Nutrition, Fitness and wellbeing

I reached out to Jenny 3-4 months before my wedding looking for nutritional counseling and maybe some workout guidance. What I got from her has been so much more than I thought I wanted/needed and I am happy to say that I’m still working with Jenny as my personal trainer almost a year later.

I am not exaggerating when I say that working with Jenny has totally transformed my lifestyle and health habits. I wasn’t in shambles, but I was not confident at all about fitness activities outside of group cardio/yoga classes and was consuming a diet much too high in carbs for me. Also, my previous experience with a personal trainer was pretty lackluster – infrequent sessions, little guidance for working out in between sessions, totally disjointed perspective on health. None of these things are true about working with Jenny. From the moment we started, she has offered amazing guidance and training from a total health perspective, centered on strength training and healthful low-carb eating. She really knows her stuff when it comes to workouts and nutrition, but she never browbeats you into following her direction: zero guilt-tripping, yelling, or negativity at all. She’ll tell you what you should do to achieve your goals, but emphasizes that your success is in your hands (not hers). I have been thrilled about what I’ve achieved health-wise working with Jenny – weight loss, inches loss, better diet, gains in strength – WOO.

She’s also so active in the Boston wellness community! Her group health events at the Boston Public Market (and beyond) are fun and informative, her network of amazing wellness-focused women is top-notch, and she’s always ready with a fantastic product recommendation when I need one. She also makes a mean superfood smoothie! Can’t say enough good things about this woman!



Kenzi,One to One Nutrition, Fitness and wellbeing

I met Jenny a couple of months ago and am so grateful that I did. I first heard her speak at the Boston Public Market for her Staying Well This Winter Workshop. I was on the search for a nutritionist and after listening to Jenny’s philosophy on gut health, stress and hormonal health I decided to reach out to her. I had not been feeling my best for some time and as soon as I started to explain to Jenny what I had been experiencing she quickly knew what was going on. Jenny is compassionate and truly wants what is best for her clients.

I have been seeing Jenny as a nutritionist as well as a personal trainer and in a short amount of time I have seen an improvement in my overall health. Before working with Jenny I never focused on strength training and avoided the gym at all costs. Since working with her, she has given me the skills and knowledge to confidently go to the gym and practice strength training on my own.

Working with Jenny has been a transformative process. I have followed her PRIME principles diligently and have seen amazing results. I have more energy, my skin is brighter and I feel more balanced. I’m grateful that I found Jenny when I did because I have never felt better!